Fikret Sebilcioğlu Delivers Business Ethics Course At Özyeğin University For Fall 2020 Term - November 2020

Fikret Sebilcioğlu, Managing Partner of Cerebra CPAs & Advisors, will deliver a course on Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility designed for an eightweek period module to the Executive MBA students at Özyeğin University during the Fall term 2020. The course is designed to provide a framework of the relationship between ethics and business with a focus on ethical business practices and to identify, analyse, and resolve ethical issues in business decision making. While analysing ethical responsibilities of corporations and their executives, the impact on all stakeholders including the society is considered in a wider perspective.

The educational subject of the course is to help students to critically evaluate the challenges, theoretical approaches, and managerial tools of business ethics in a global context and their practical implications for the individual and corporate development.

Course Description

Managers and employees continuously face ethical dilemmas in their professional careers. Hence it is crucial to integrate ethics into decision making processes at every level of an organization. Through theoretical approaches, critical (self-) reflections, and real business cases, this course provides a scientific framework for business ethics and corporate social responsibility (CSR). Apart from discussing seminal frameworks of business ethics (e.g., CSR, stakeholder theory, and corporate citizenship), the course explores ethics on the individual level by applying models of ethical decision-making and mindfulness. Further, the course outlines how to actually manage business ethics in teams and organizations and highlights the role of ethics in various business contexts (e.g., human resource management, marketing, international business).

  • Identify ethical dilemmas, questions, and challenges existing and developing within organizations.        
  • Evaluate the complexity and the most important factors when it comes to ethical dilemmas and ethical decision-making.        
  • Analyze situations using a large span of skills, methodologies, and tools, in order to manage business ethics and CSR in an organization.
  • Create a personal code of business ethics
  • Critically evaluate the use of mindfulness for handling ethical dilemmas and decisions.