International Fraud Awareness Week Takes Place 15-21 November


International Fraud Awareness Week Takes Place 15-21 November

As a reality of the business world, fraud causes significant losses in all organizations operating in the private and public sectors. These losses are likely to increase in the COVID-19 pandemic.  In this week, which is organized to bring fraud reality to the agenda, it is aimed to increase the anti-fraud awareness in organizations and to draw attention to the importance of training in this fight.

As Cerebra, we are proud to be a supporting organization of the International Fraud Awareness Week for the last five years. Throughout the week, we will make posts on social media to draw attention to this issue. In addition, Fikret Sebilcioğlu, managing partner of Cerebra, will be a speaker at the webinar titled "The Antidote to Bribery, Corruption and Fraud in Organizations: AWARENESS", which will be held for this week in collaboration of TEID & ACFE.

While fraud prevention and detection is a year-round endeavor, International Fraud Awareness Week provides a great opportunity to spotlight this serious problem and stress the importance of anti-fraud training.

What can you do this week and afterwards?

Guard your organization from fraud. Incorporate fraud training into your policies for employees regularly. Take a fraud risk assessment. The assessment will help pinpoint areas of concern. Develop an anti-fraud program and require employees to follow it.

This week may be a week when you sow the seeds of the measures you will take to combat fraud in your organization.

Now is the time.